In this blog I share some techniques, code and some interesting thoughts related to Data Science and Advanced Analytics. Follow this blog to receive future updates.

It is meant to serve as a repository that will be useful for beginners aspiring to become successful in Data Science and for those advanced research and problem solving, provide some thought provoking discussions.

Besides this, there is a lot of original code written in R that I will be adding/added that will make life so much easier for R Programmers.

To begin with, I will be covering discussions under topics under the Time Series forecasting Domain and subsequently in Regression and Classification Algorithms, Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis concepts.

If you are a beginner to the R Language, check out the latest R Programming Beginners Course on youtube on ‘Learn R’ channel. It is ideal for beginners and highly recommended. More video lessons will be subsequently added. So subscribe for more updates.

Find me through my Google+ profile – Selva Prabhakaran

I am a fun, happy-go-lucky guy with great ideas and a huge heart. I like Programming, Sports, Stats, Creativity, Big ideas, Data Science and Guts.Connect with me through my Google+ page and I will be happy to engage you. I can also be reached at:



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